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Any document that requires a Notary Public is an extremely important and personal
piece documents affect us in a personal way, sometimes in a private way. You can count
on, and
trust us with your documents. We have been commissioned in three states: New York,
South Carolina and Florida and have notarized thousands of documents.

Our Notary is always available during normal business hours in our store location.
We also offer Mobile Notary Service. If you need a Mobile Notary
Please call: 352-465-6212 for West Central Florida

The Services we offer, are:
  • Acknowledgment of Signature
  • Authentication Certificate*
  • Specific-Time Appointments**
  • At Home Notary (for the home-bound)***
  • Change of Name or Address
  • Swearing Witness

Current Photo ID must be presented before you sign any document. We will not Notarize without proper
identification no matter what the reason! This law is for your own safety and security and is in effect to protect
you from identity theft.

What is acceptable ID? A Driver’s License or State ID Card that is issued from the Department of Motor
Vehicle. A valid Passport or Armed Forces Identification that is issued from the Federal Government or Armed
Forces. Other State issued identification card with a photo and state issued identification number.

Identification must be current, expired identification cannot be used. The presented identification must be in good
condition and cannot show any signs of being tampered with and cannot be damaged in key areas of importance.
The Notary Public has the right to refuse any ID presented. We do not have a bi-lingual notary so documents and
identification must be written in the English language.

Not Accepted ID: Social Security Cards, Birth Certificate, Charge Cards, Family Photos, Library Cards,
Homemade or Store Bought ID Cards, or any other document that does not meet the listed requirements above. If
you are unsure if your ID is acceptable, then call us at 1-352-465-6212.

* certified copy: must be an original and cannot be any document such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate,
death certificate, etc. (Not available for home appointments)

** certain restrictions apply for Specific-Time Appointments and additional charges may apply.

*** certain restrictions apply for At Home Service and additional charges apply. DO NOT pre-sign documents.
Notary must witness all signature

Notary Statement: “I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and I may not give legal advice
or accept fees for legal advice.”
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