Insurance Claims
You might not know where to go when your insurance company requests that you obtain an
estimate for repairs.

We're here whenever you need us, and we'll help you understand exactly what your insurance
company needs in order for them to resolve your insurance claim.

We can't tell you what items will be covered by your policy, your insurance company will go over
that with you.

What we do is provide a full diagnostic and repair cost estimate on your: computer, laptop,
printers, or other small electronic devise such as an Xbox, iPad, Wii machine, TiVo box,
DVD Player, VHS Player and other small electronics.

If your insurance company requires specific documents, we can supply them with it, or if they
need to speak with us we can answer their questions directly. You can count on National Repair
Center to work on these important matters, providing you with peace-of-mind in these stressful
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