General Maintenance Like any electronic equipment, computers do need
maintenance. A routine maintenance program should be performed in order to
keep your unit healthy. It is never wise to wait until the unit is practically dead.
Our General Maintenance covers a basic cleaning of your hardware and
internal components so the boards, fans and drives can run with less work. We
clean your software so your unit continues to perform smoothly. In most
situations a unit can be dropped off in the morning and picked up the same

Parts Procurement National Repair Center of Dunnellon, Florida is
capable of ordering the correct parts needed to fix or update your unit. We work
directly with manufacturers and national part providers alike. If your unit needs a
part we can order it and install it for you.

Troubleshooting Unable to figure out what is wrong with your unit. We can
troubleshoot the problem and fix it for you and save you a lot of stress. Problem
solving is what we do best as our technicians are used to developing and
maintaining complex systems. Any type of system can break down, from a
home PC to a nationwide network. We identify the malfunction within the
system, correct it, and notify you what caused it so a repeated problem can be
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Data Recovery
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