the Dunnellon Boat Ramp and Dunnellon City Hall, Between Carmela's Italian Restaurant and CJ's

We specialize in computer and laptop repair and service for both PC and MAC, but also perform
repairs on inkjet and laserjet
printers, as well as other small electronic repairs like a: DVD Player,
CD, VCR. DVR, TiVo, and more. We can also perform
insurance claim diagnostics and
repair estimates.

        Everything WiFi and Smart! We provide full in-home network setup and service
                           on any Wireless Networking computer, appliance or robot; like: Smart
                           Washer and Dryers, Smart Hom-Bots, Smart Refrigerators, smart ovens,
                           smart thermostats, TV’s, DVD Players, Surround Sound Systems,
                           Smartphones and tablets, laptops, computers, printers, photo frames,
                           wireless radios, and anything else that is wireless capable.

We are dedicated to helping keep your small business or home computers and laptops (or
notebook), tablets and iPads running, so you can count on receiving top performance from your
PC or Mac. We have been Marion County computer repair technicians since 2003 and have an
outstanding reputation as
computer virus specialists. Our convenient location enables us to
service Citrus County computer repairs and Citrus Springs computer repairs as we are just
across the Withlacoochee River bridge.

Small Business Owners and Home Office users know the devastating effect that computers,
servers, and networking issues have on their livelihood. Almost every corner of our personal
environment can be affected by a broken computer; we are all so dependant on our gizmos and
gadgets and are lost without them. That is why data backup, proper networking and computer
security is so crucial. We can perform a routine maintenance on your system so its keeps up with
your daily pace. You can simply drop off the unit in our convenient Dunnellon computer repair
shop, which is directly across from the Dunnellon, FL City Hall. Our Ocala computer repair
customers can drop into our store, or, like our Crystal River computer repair customers, you can
contact us for an On-Site computer repair, troubleshooting or tune-up.

We are dedicated to keeping our planet safe from harmful toxins that can contaminate landfills.
Some computer hardware, television parts and printer parts contain toxins that can ultimately
contaminate our water. We believe convenience is a major recycling key, that's why we recycle
old laptops, desktops, and MAC's with no disposal fees to you.

National Repair Center is a name you can trust! We stay on the front-line of today's digital
technology so we can effectively and efficiently repair your computer so you can be reunited
with your electronic device as quickly as possible. We supply every customer with personal
and professional assistance. We are here for you in your hour of need.

Remote PC Repair is here! We are pleased to announce our new service to perform remote
evaluations on your unit. We can log into your computer remotely and evaluate your computer's
Click here to find out more.

Every day the Internet is subject to new software Viruses, adware, malware, spyware and an
assortment of other malicious programs designed to steal your information or make your life
miserable. We stay on top of the current threats and can help restore your computer, and tell
you how to better safeguard yourself. Visit our Virus Threat page to view the latest software

Any document that requires a
Notary Public is an extremely important and personal piece of
information that you need to save for an indefinite period of time. Many of these documents affect
us in a personal way, sometimes in a private way. You can count on, and trust us with your
documents. We have been commissioned in three states: New York, South Carolina and Florida
and have notarized thousands of documents.

Notaries are always on-site and ready to acknowledge your critical documents. We also offer
Mobile Notary Service 24/7 by appointment. If you need a Notary Public 24/7, contact us.
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12139 S Williams St
Dunnellon, FL 34432
(352) 465-6212
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What a pleasant experience! I
went to this place because I
saw how many great reviews
they had. I will admit that I
was a bit skeptical that
perhaps it was a hoax. I mean,
who could be that perfect.
Perfect they were! They were
so kind and knowledgeable,
unprecedented customer
service. And when it was all
done, they actually thanked
me for my business. Who does
that today. I recommend them
to everyone.

Great place, they are very
helpful. They put a new hard
drive in my laptop. Very

Posted By: Paul C
First time customer. Great
service ,easily understood
explanations, professional. I
certainly appreciate your help
on my laptop.

Posted By: TylerMotty
Great service at a fair price.
They have always been able
to quickly
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Dunnellon, Florida & Ocala, Florida
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